Comprehensive Financial Planning

Legacy FA provides its clients with comprehensive financial planning advice to cater to evolving life or business needs. Together with our partners we bring a wide range of financial products to our clients’ disposal.

Our professional and dedicated financial consultants will ensure there is a potential solution to your every need.

Property Advisory

When contemplating a Singapore property purchase, an upgrade or buying a second property, it can be quite a daunting experience with many factors to consider. We are here to help our clients navigate the complex property landscape so that they are able to plan on paper, assess long-term affordability and financial readiness before taking the plunge. We also assist our clients to connect with our business partners in search for a suitable bank loan with competitive rates.


Personal Financial Planning

LFAWTIS000077046113 1536x1024Income Protection - When your income and hence your responsibility towards your family is affected due to a catastrophic life event, we help you ensure that there is financial stability & peace of mind for your loved ones

Education - Tertiary education funding for children can be a financial burden to parents. We work with you to achieve your tertiary dreams for your children

Investment - Based on your time horizon and risk appetite we help map out your investment portfolio to meet your objectives

Retirement - Retirement funding needs careful planning. Based on your goals we assist you to build different streams of income for your golden years

Estate Matters (Partner Services) - Building your wealth is one side of the story. But ensuring its passed on to the people that matter in your life is another. We highlight the different methods that you can undertake to ensure a seamless transfer of your wealth to your loved ones when you are not around

Mortgage Refinancing (Partner Services) - Loan efficacy helps one to save on undue mortgage interest. Together with our partners, we look at different possibilities in ensuring your mortgage payments remain lean

Debt Management - Debts can rob one’s peace of mind. We run through your debts and resources to give you a structure for repaying your debts with discipline and efficiency to gain back your peace of mind.

General Insurance - We tailor make general insurance plans so that you and your family remain protected when life throws in unexpected challenges when at home, on the road or even on vacation.

Financial Planning for Businesses

LFAWTIS000057106390 1536x1024Business Succession Planning - We help you create a business succession plan to establish a smooth transition from your business

Employee Benefit Scheme - Employees are pivotal in an organization’s success. We structure plans to cater to the evolving needs of your employees.

Keyman Protection - Some key employees are crucial to a business. We plan solutions that will reward as well as help retain your key people

Commercial Business Insurance - Unexpected events such as theft, fire and liability can severely dent a business. We provide advice to help ensure that your business is able to withstand any such eventualities.

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